Live boards, anti-cheating, raffles

All the games in the Open group of the Hoogeveen Chess Tournament will also be broadcast live on the website The electronic boards are provided by the Dutch company DGT, a leading company in the area of digital chessboards and chess clocks. In Hoogeveen they will be testing a new type of electronic board.
The games will also be featured on the website There, computer analysis will be added to the games. So-called precision statistics are given at the end of the games. They give the percentage of relevant (= non-forced) moves that are identical with the ones a top chess engine would play. This way, the level of precision of different players is compared and we will look for suspicious values. See also Article 14 of our Tournament Rules for the anti-cheating rule.
And ChessBase is doing still more in Hoogeveen. All the participants of the Open group and the two Amateur groups will receive a voucher that offers them a three-month ChessBase Premium Account, and get a 10% deduction on purchases in the ChessBase shop. 

Also, in the Amateur groups the following prizes will be raffled:
- The new FritzTrainer dvd by Magnus Carlsen, worth 29,90 euro.
- Two dvd’s with training material on the Caro-Kann, worth 29,90 euro.
- A ChessBase 14 Starter Package, worth 189,90 euro.
- Ten ChessBase Magazines.

In the Open group, as in the previous years, chess books will be offered as day prizes for the most beautiful games.